December 2016 – We arrived in Barbados for the day and went for a walk into Bridgetown 230_Barbadosto kill some time before our excursion.  It was only about a fifteen minute walk into the town.  I had been pretty excited to see visit Barbados and see historic Bridgetown, which is a Unesco site.

In reality, I was pretty disappointed with island and probably won’t be back to visit anytime soon.  It’s a dirty, industrial looking place with quite a few very pushy vendors.  One in particular did not take no 263_Barbadosfor an answer and did not like the fact that we started to walk away (really just continued in the direction we were going).  He followed us trying to start an argument.

Bridgetown has several historic buildings, but most of them
267_Barbados are not well kept.  The sidewalks were completely crowded toward the middle of town, and with a few exceptions most of the people were not very friendly.  We had to move out of they way because they definitely were not yielding to us.


After awhile in town, we walked back to the port to meet our excursion group.  We boarded235_Barbados_Submarine a crowded bus and traveled about two miles to the pier.  We244_Barbados_Submarine boarded a ferry that took us to our submarine.  It was pretty crowded below deck, but we enjoyed the ride around the shipwreck and reef.  We went down to 150 feet.  The visibility was not the greatest, but it was a fun and interesting trip.  There were fish identification charts between each porthole.


After we returned to the marina, we decided to skip the crowded bus ride back to the port and walked back into the town instead.  We walked through the main area of town and 266_Barbados_Carlisle Baythen to Carlisle Bay.  The beach was pretty and had vibrantly colored water.  It was dirty, though, littered with cigarettes, glass, and trash.  We walked around for a few minutes and then started the walk back to the port.

Although we normally stay off the ship while in port until we absolutely have to reboard, we actually boarded a couple of ours at this stop.  We weren’t the only ones.  There just was not enough to do in the town, and it was too dirty to enjoy for long.

Barbados was a place to check off our bucket list, but it just does not have the kind of vibe we really enjoy.