December 2016 – We visited St. Kitts on a sleepy Christmas Day.  Most of the town was395 St Kitts closed and quiet, but we were told the next day would be crowded for Carnival.  I had prebooked us a tour of the island through Thenford Grey Tours.  We got a late start on the tour due to the rain, but we were guided around the island by Mr. Grey himself.

Picture riding on a bus through a beautiful Caribbean island with 418 St KittsMorgan Freeman narrating, and you’ll have a good image of a St. Kitts Tour with Mr. Grey.  He is very passionate and knowledgeable about the island, and he is also very intelligent and cares deeply about people.  He explained bits of the island’s history as we rode through the town, along the waterfront, and into the rain forest.  As soon as we turned into the rain forest, the windows of the bus fogged up due to the humidity.  We parked and got out for about thirty minutes of exploring on our own.

408 St Kitts

410 St KittsWe walked down the trail, admiring the trees and views of the water.  We came to a tree417 St Kitts with a bench underneath.  The tree is supposed to make all those who sit under it appear younger.  I’m not sure if it works, but it definitely had a fantastic view of the water.

We continued into a gift shop and then back out to a concession stand.  We walked along a couple more short trails and then reboarded the bus.  Our next stop was the Brimstone Fortress National Park, a Unesco site.  429 St Kitts_Brimstone Fortress

457 St Kitts_Brimstone FortressThe weather was not cooperating very well, raining off and 433 St Kitts_Brimstone Fortress
on, but it actually caused a pretty nice fog/mist from the top of the fortress.  We walked around for about an hour, exploring the fortress and the grounds beneath it.  Someone claimed to see a monkey, but we did not see any.

The fortress and grounds were very well kept and clean.  It was not very crowded when we visited.  There were a lot of places to take some pretty great photographs of the fort and island.

438 St Kitts_Brimstone Fortress

Our next stop on the tour was at Timothy Hill.  This hill is known to have the best view on the island, a point where you can see both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.  It was pretty awesome.  There was someone dressed as Santa Clause with a donkey that did not look very well taken care of.  He was there for people to take pictures with (for tips, of course).  He got pretty angry at people who took his picture and did not give him a tip.

461 St Kitts_Timothy Hill_Modified

Our last stop before returning to the port was the beach at South Friar’s Bay.  We were dropped off for an hour at a resort, and we walked down the beach to Jam Rock for lunch. 469 St Kitts The beach was beautiful, but it was littered with glass and trash where the water line ended.  Lunch at Jam Rock consisted of conch fritters, jerk chicken, and rice and beans.  It was delicious, but the service was incredibly slow.


By the time we finished lunch, it was time to head back to the bus and get back to port to sail out.  We enjoyed our visit to the island and will return in the future, but we will probably only stay a couple of days.  I don’t think there is really enough to do on the island to stay much longer than that.