August 2015 – Jekyll Island is located about twenty minutes from Brunswick, Georgia.  The island was developed in the early 1900’s for private vacation homes.  It was evacuated by the government during World War II and was later acquired by the state of Georgia.  It is one of theBrunswick Bubba Jax 01 Golden Isles and contains numerous biking and hiking trails.  Many of the trails are partially shaded, covered by thick Spanish moss that creates a majestic scene.

Driving from Jacksonville, we stopped for an early lunch at Bubba Jax for some fish sandwiches.  I felt a throwback to my Alabama days as soon as I stopped in Georgia.  Somehow the southern accents are much more exaggerated across the state line than they are in Florida.  However, the service was great and the food was tasty.

After lunch, we continued across the bridge and onto Jekyll Island.  While bicyclists and pedestrians can enter for no charge, vehicle entry and parking costs $6 for a 24 hour pass.  We had nowhere else to leave our vehicle, so we paid the entrance fee and found a shady spot to leave the car.  We got the bikes down and started off toward the main shopping area.  Jekyll Island 11

The island is extremely bike friendly.  There are many miles of paved trails and smooth sidewalks to bike on, and traffic (for the most part) respects cyclists’ use of the road.  We biked along the coastline then down boardwalks over a marsh.  Being low tide, we were able to bike out onto the beach a short way and walk around a bit.  The beach reminds me of Big Talbot Island in Florida because it has large pieces of driftwood and fallen trees decorating it.  Jekyll Island 24

After heading back out on our bikes, we passed some great views of the bridge and then explored some ruins.  We biked through the historic district and past Jekyll Island 41some pretty nice looking hotels.  We stopped a couple of times to walk along boardwalks or down short trails.  All in all, we biked about 25 miles before we decided we had to head home.

Jekyll Island 28

Jekyll Island is a beautiful and relaxing place to visit.  Whether staying for the day or for a couple of weeks, the island has something for everyone.  It even has a water park.

If visiting during summer, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  The heat and humidity can both get pretty high.  Definitely bring bug spray.  Even with bug spray, I still got bitten by a couple of mosquitoes during our momentary stops.

Jekyll Island 27