December 2014 – Our second visit to Cozumel was a day trip to the Sabor Resort.  We took a taxi from 083 Cozumel Sunset Sabor Resortthe cruise port since it is several miles to the resort.  The taxi was about $12 for the two of us.  We arrived at the resort and checked in for our day passes (prebooked).  We were given armbands as identification and given directions to the pools, beach, meals (food and drinks included with the pass), and various activities around the resort.

Our first stop was the beach, where we passed the time lounging under palm trees.  The resort did not have enough 092 Cozumel Sunset Sabor Resortlounge chairs for everyone (and people held chairs using inanimate objects but got very upset when said objects were moved from the chairs), but the sand was soft and comfortable.

We had reservations (booked well in advance) for 096 Cozumel Sunset Sabor Resortparasailing nearby, but when we walked up to check in, there was a glitch with the system.  We were told to come back about an hour and a half later, so we went back to the resort to eat lunch and walk around a bit.  The resort had quite a bit of greenery and flowers planted along the sidewalks, and we saw several iguanas.  We ate lunch at a table in a little covered cabana overlooking the ocean and more iguanas.  The spot was very quiet and relaxing.

105 Cozumel Sunset Sabor Resort

107 Cozumel Sunset Sabor ResortAfter lunch, we returned to the parasailing check-in area, and we were directed to the pier to catch our ride.  We boarded a boat and were taken out into the ocean with a couple of other families.  This was my second parasailing experience and my husband’s first.  When it was our time, we were secured to the harness and released into the air.  The view was amazing.  We could see the coastline and the cruise ships in the distance.  We spent several minutes 116 Cozumel Parasailingin the air before being dipped (slightly) into the ocean and then returned to the boat.  I am definitely a fan of parasailing in the Caribbean!

After parasailing, we had a snack and checked out the open bar.  After our first experience in Cozumel, I was curious to see if the daiquiris would live up to the ones in my memory (they did not, but they were still good).  The food was good as well, but still not quite as good as our first experience in the city (will be reviewed in a separate post).

117 Cozumel Parasailing