153 Roaton Maya Key IslandDecember 2014 – We visited Roaton for a day trip on a cruise stop.  Since the area was under a travel warning at the time of our visit, we had prebooked an 141 Roatonexcursion to Maya Key Island.  We disembarked the ship and met up with our group.  We were transported by bus through the area surrounding the port.  There were a lot of sketchy looking tour guides on the side of the road trying to recruit tourists.  We rode past some rough looking areas and into the marina, where we boarded our boat to the island.

The island was amazing.  It had gorgeous beaches and palm trees, places to swim and snorkel, and a restaurant (meal was included in our excursion).  We were provided with lockers in the area next to the gift shop, and then we found a place to relax among the lounge chairs on the beach.  Some people had snorkel tours, and others stayed up at the pool.  Our area was fairly empty until the middle of the afternoon.  We snorkeled a little bit in the water below us and relaxed most of the morning.  There were some fish and a couple of conch shells in the area immediately surrounding us.

For lunch, we were served a meal from the restaurant.  It consisted of jerk chicken (delicious!), rice and beans, and plantains.  I was a little hesitant about the water (I had read that the water was not necessarily safe to drink in Honduras), but it seemed clean and everyone else was drinking it (I’m sure it was heavily filtered; I had no issues from it).

177 Roaton Maya Key Island

170 Roaton Maya Key IslandAfter lunch, we walked around the island.  There is a small zoo of sorts, with various animals in cages.  There were 165 Roaton Maya Key Islandseveral wombats running free on the island.  There were several different species of monkeys in cages.

We continued past the small zoo and into a beautiful, isolated area with nothing but palm trees and beach.  At this point, we were thankful for our bug spray because bugs were quite bad in the area.

Continuing around the island, we circled back to the gift shop and then spent a few minutes sitting outside until the boat started boarding to take us back to the ship.

If and when I visit Honduras again, I would like to see a different part of it.  The island was a great and safe day trip, though, and I would recommend it to anyone with limited time.  The travel warnings are not something to take lightly, however.

194 Roaton