December 2012 – We docked at Georgetown, Grand Cayman, for the day.  We disembarked and traveled by bus then ferry 184b Grand Cayman Seatrekto a spot that we would put on special helmets and walk under the sea.  We were given a brief safety talk upon arrival and then 184e Grand Cayman Seatrektaken out to our spot.  We climbed into the water via ladder, had a helmet lowered down to provide oxygen, and continued down the ladder to the seafloor around 30 feet underwater.  This was an amazing experience and well worth the money.  We walked (hopped) down the path, lined by a rope, with our guide pointing out interesting sightings along the way.  The guide pulled out some food to feed the fish at one point, and we were immediately surrounded by a ton of fast-moving fish.

This tour is accessible for people of all skills and ages, as long as you are able to pop your ears on the way down the ladder.  I was not a strong swimmer at this point, but I never felt as if I was in any danger and never had to do any swimming, just climbing a ladder and walking.  I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience the thrill of walking on the bottom of the ocean.

Our next stop was Stingray City, a sandbar known for its high stingray population.  Again, this was an amazing experience.  We were given a briefing on  safety and184l Grand Cayman Stingray Bar 184s Grand Cayman Stingray Barthe option to use snorkeling equipment.  We climbed down the ladder into water that came to around my shoulders (about 4 feet high with minimal movement).  We were allowed to touch, pet, and hold stingrays as they moved around each group.  This was an unforgettable experience with amazing views of the turquoise water and stingrays beneath it.

Grand Cayman was our third and final stop on our first cruise, our honeymoon.  The island showed us the magnificent beauty and wildlife that the Caribbean islands hold.  We will revisit the Cayman Islands in the future, hopefully after we have our dive certifications.  I recommend the island to anyone who loves the beach environment and sealife.