December 2012 – Cozumel will always hold a special place in my heart because it was our first stop on our honeymoon.  We visited during a western Caribbean 102 Cozumel Playa Uvascruise.  We disembarked the ship and followed the signs to the taxi line.  We spent $12 and a few minutes in a taxi to ride to Playa Uvas, where we had pre-purchased day passes.  We arrived early, before the hotel had really gotten 102c Cozumel Playa Uvas Snorkelingstarted for the day.  We spent a few minutes on the deserted beach and stretched out in empty chairs.  A group arrived shortly after to prepare the grounds for a wedding, and a few resort visitors filtered in as we relaxed in the sunshine.

After about an hour, we were called for our snorkeling excursion (included in the day passes).  We were given lockers to hold our belongings and were fitted with life jackets and flippers.  We were led out into the ocean, and our guide pointed out different animals in the ocean.  We stayed out about thirty minutes before returning to the beach.

After retrieving our belongings from the lockers, we decided to eat lunch (also included in the day passes).  We were given a small menu, from which we chose quesadillas and daiquiris.  Of all the quesadillas and daiquiris I’ve had, these were by far the best.  I have looked long and hard for some that equal these and have 102e Cozumel Playa Uvas Snorkeling Spider Crabyet to find them.

During lunch, the wedding procession began.  It was fun to watch and even had a Mariachi band.  There was plenty of seating even with the wedding party.

After lunch, we stretched out on our chairs again in the warm sunshine, enjoying some more daiquiris.  We were 102s Cozumel Playa Uvas Quesadillaapproached once by a vendor who asked if we were on our honeymoon and gave us free shell necklaces.  After a few hours, we walked around the grounds and then hailed a taxi back to the port.

We did a little shopping in the port area.  There are plenty of jewelry and touristy shops.  Most of them sell the same items as the rest of the Caribbean, however, but the shopping area is a nice, safe place to walk around.  108 Cozumel

We have been back to Cozumel once since this visit.  We will return again at some point.  It has something to offer every type of traveler.