November 2016 – We decided to spend our Thanksgiving holiday in Boston.  Although it was not snowing while we were there, it was definitely col d and dreary.  Our first mistake was not checking to see what restaurants and stores would be open on Thanksgiving Day.  We ended up at Burger King for lunch, but we were able to find a cozy bar/grill open for dinner.  Our second mistake was not checking the laws on alcohol sales.  Since we like to have some wine on holidays and especially when we travel, we looked inside the only stores that we could find that were open.  However, the entire alcohol section was blocked off, and after an internet search, we realized that stores are not allowed to see alcohol on Thanksgiving Day.  Just FYI in case you find yourself in Boston on a holiday.

We decided to follow the Freedom Trail our first day in Boston.  However, being a holiday, several of the buildings were closed so we had to return a different day.  The city was quiet and empty, which did make for a nice, peaceful (albeit, cold) walk on the trail.  The following day was a different story altogether, when the hustle and bustle of the city returned.  

We took a detour from the Freedom Trail to visit the much photographed Acorn Street.  It’s a quaint, picturesque cobblestone street lined with brick buildings and American flags.  We had the street to ourselves, but I imagine it gets busy with tourists on weekends.

The Freedom Trail takes visitors through a couple of different cemeteries.  Each had their own style and details.  The Granary Burying Ground contains the resting place of Paul Revere, among many other notable people from history.  It’s a definite must if visiting the area.

Another popular stop on the Freedom Trail is the Quincy Market.  I highly recommend stopping here for a quick lunch or dinner.  If it’s cold outside, definitely try Boston Chowda’s clam chowder bread bowl.  It’s great for warming up while doing some people watching.

Although we stayed at a hotel in Boston, we took a train to Salem for a visit during one of our days in town.  The train ride was only about 45 minutes and quite comfortable (and warm).  Unfortunately, several of the popular sites were closed for the holiday but we were still able to explore the city and visit a few places.

One of our most favorite stops was The Burying Point.  The yellow and orange leaves made for a nice autumn backdrop in the cemetery.  Several notable people are buried here, including a few people who were tried as witches during the witch hunt.

Boston and Salem are great places to visit for some fantastic lessons in history.  The cold, dreary weather just added to the atmosphere as we visited historical cemeteries and statues.