December 2016 – We stopped in Cartagena on our second port stop of our cruise.  I am not entirely sure what I expected the city to look like, but I didn’t have high expectations.  I was actually blown away by how clean and beautiful the city is.  The architecture is amazing, and the city is very colorful.

We too k a walking tour, first through the fort and then through the downtown area.  We visited the Palace of Inquisition, walked under the clocktower, watched a dance at the Navy Museum, and shopped at Las Bovedas.

The shopping area is a converted dungeon, where the merchants now sell their products out of what used to be cells.  The building is painted a very happy yellow color which inspires a cheerful attitude in the visitors.  The place is crowded, however, and full of merchants.

The Palace of Inquisition is located in a beautiful building.  It contains some very interesting articles.  It also has clean (and free) bathrooms.

The clocktower is a symbol of Cartagena, and it can be seen from quite a distance.  It towers above nearby buildings and is very impressive.  It is also painted a cheerful yellow, which adds to the colorful vibe of the area.

The country is located in South America, and this visit marked our first official time spent on this continent.  It will not be our last, however!  Even though we visited in December, it was still very warm.  The high was around ninety, and it felt quite a bit warmer when walking on pavement in direct sunlight.