May 2017 – We spent a night outside of Portland after hiking in the White Mountains.  After checking into our hotel and getting cleaned up, we headed into the city.  I was again surprised at how early most restaurants and stores closed.  We ended up at The Porthole and chose a seat on the outside patio by the water.  Since it was a chilly, windy night, only a couple of other people were seated outside.

We enjoyed some clam chowder and lobster bisque before our main courses arrived.  I had fish and chips, which were warm and tender.  We were right by the water and enjoyed looking at the boats as we ate.

After dinner, we walked around the downtown area a bit.  There were not a lot of people out.  It seemed like there really was not much to do after dark in this city.  A lot of the alleys and boardwalks by the water were dark, not very well lit at all.  We explored for awhile before returning to our hotel to warm up.

The next morning, we stopped in Ogunquit on our way back to Boston to fly home.  The Marginal Way was at the top of our things to do here, so we headed for the south end of it.  There was some event setup downtown that caused traffic to be backed up, so we wasted quite a bit of our time sitting in traffic.  The town is very nice, though, and super clean.  It is a quaint, charming little place right on the coast.

We eventually arrived at the parking lot and spent $4 for an hour (next time, we should get at least two hours).  Even though it was cold and windy, the walk along the rocky coastline was still beautiful.  I would have loved to see some wildlife, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating that day.  At the north end of the walk, we ducked into a couple of the gift shops in the downtown area.  We also found some public restrooms nearby before heading back to the walk.

Back at the car, we found a little restaurant nearby to watch the water while we had some more clam chowder.  It was time to head to the airport way too soon.  Maine is a state I would definitely like to revisit for a much longer period in the future.