April 2017 – We spent a relaxing afternoon at Ichetucknee Springs State Park the last weekend of April.  We picked up a double tube at Lowe’s Tubeland just outside of the park.  The tube we chose was $13, and the workers tied it onto our vehicle for us.

The park was quite busy when we arrived, but it was nothing like the crowds that come during summer.  We saved the cost of the tram and got a little extra exercise in by walking the trail to the midpoint launch.  The northern launch doesn’t open until Memorial Day.  It was not a very far walk, and it was a quiet trail through the woods.

We put the tubes in and started our float down the river.  Since it was only half the normal length due to being in off-season, it was supposed to take about an hour and a half.  We snorkeled some and relaxed on the tube the rest of the time.  The water was definitely chilly, but it felt good with the sun overhead.  It was super clear water, perfect for snorkeling.

Wildlife seems to know to stay away from the river when people are there.  The only thing we saw was a water moccasin that was stretched out across a limb everyone was tubing under.

Our run seemed too short and we had plenty of daylight left, so we ate a lunch that we had packed and then hopped back in for a second run.  It was again peaceful and relaxing except for a smoker that we occasionally encountered.  Once the sun began going down, the water seemed to get a lot more chilly.

After our second run, we dropped the tube at the return drop just up the sidewalk from the river.  We then walked the trail back to our car and beat the people who were riding the tram.  Great, relaxing day that would be perfect during hot, summer months.