May 2017 – We spent a day here during our trip down the Gulf Coast.  We spent the night before at a Hampton Inn nearby, paid for by points.  We spent the night after at a Doubletree on the bay, also paid for by points.  We got the quick queue passes since we were only planning one day here, and that weekend was supposed to be busy.  In hindsight, I would have saved the money as the park was not very crowded that day.

We showed up a little after opening to avoid the opening rush, and we first spent our time meandering along the animal exhibits.  We rode a couple of rides and then hopped on the train to go around the giraffe area.  The skyride was closed due to windy conditions and did not reopen any that day.

We spent the day riding every roller coaster (some two or three times) and visiting every animal exhibit.  The lines were not very long, regardless of whether you had the quick queue pass or not.  SheiKra and Kumba were by far my favorite rides.  The faster and higher the roller coaster, the more I like it.

Falcon’s Fury was also highly ranked on my list.  It is similar to Acrophobia at Six Flags, except I think it was even a little more intimidating.  I was not expecting the ninety degree tilt before the drop.  This ride definitely gets your heart pumping.

Montu and most of the other rides were fun but either short or lackluster.  Cobra’s Curse brought a different perspective with spinning cars.  It was a slow spin, which was a little disappointing, but they had the right ideas behind the ride.

Overall, Busch Gardens met my expectations as far as the rides go.  It is a very clean park, much cleaner than any of my visits to Six Flags over Georgia.  I think one day was plenty here; more than that and I would most likely have started to get bored.