May 2017 – We spent most of a day exploring the Corkscrew Swamp & Bird Rookery trails.  The boardwalk is a little pricey, but it was worth the money to see the birds that like to hang out near the boardwalk.

There was a downpour shortly after we stepped onto the boardwalk.  It dampened our spirits a little since we were hoping to see a lot of wildlife, but Florida needed the rain so badly we didn’t mind too much.  There are several rain shelters along the boardwalk, so we just waited it out.

After the rain, we got to see a woodpecker to the side of the boardwalk and an owl watching from a limb above the boardwalk.  We only saw one sad looking alligator in the middle of dry land that used to be covered in water.

The trees and plants along the boardwalk were very interesting.  The boardwalk is very well maintained, and we greatly enjoyed our stop here.

After leaving this area, we drove to a trail nearby.  There is a parking lot with signs warning about vultures.  Several vultures were actually waiting on us.  We had brought a tarp along for this purpose, and we covered the car and kayak to keep them from damaging either.

The trail started as a boardwalk before changing to a grassy trail.  It was very hot this afternoon and we did not see much wildlife.  We did see some baby and juvenile alligators at a small pool of strange looking water, but we did not see anything after that.  After a couple of miles, we decided to turn back and get back on the road.  Our car was fine when we arrived back at the parking lot, but the vultures were still lurking nearby.